Nicholas Kirkwood blue suede shoes with organza ruffle

Nicholas Kirkwood blue suede shoes with organza ruffle

blue suede shoes

nicholas kirkwood shoes


Nicholas Kirkwood blue suede shoes with organza ruffle, £594

These shoes are so visually interesting I just had to show you them, even although I know they’re probably not going to be most people’s favourite footwear choice of the week.

That’s understandable, of course. That ruffle on the heel – which I just can’t help but think of as a “fin” – is the kind of thing that makes a shoe stunning to look at, but a little impractical to wear: not just because weather conditions here in the UK don’t normally allow for organza close to the ground (Can you imagine what it would look like wet?) but also because the style is just too “out there” for many of us to be able to get away with. I mean, is it just me, or does anyone else look at these and instantly think of jellyfish – or some kind of exotic, aquatic creature at least?

Shoes this bold, bright and downright attention-seeking may not be the easiest to wear then: there is a reason, after all, why black and nude pumps enjoy the popularity they do. If, however, your lifestyle and personal style both allow you to wear shoes like these Nicholas Kirkwood blue suede shoes, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a more unusual pair… or a pair that reminds me quite as much of a jellyfish.

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  • My instant reaction was “Look, mermaid shoes!” quickly followed by the realization that mermaids don’t wear shoes. Sad for mermaids. (I haven’t had my coffee yet.)

  • Actually it’s the platform that put me off more than the ruffle, although that is not doing it for me either. The blue is a good colour!

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