No. 21 silver glitter slingbacks with bow

silver glitter slingbacks

glitter slingbacks, £314

I normally go through something of a glitter detox every January (I see so much of the stuff in the run-up to the festive period that it’s normally the last thing I want to look at once Christmas is over!), but these little slingbacks are just too cute not to show you. As it happens, I have a couple of parties lined up for the end of the month, too, so I guess there’s never really a BAD time to be thinking about party shoes, is there?

As far as evening shoes go, these are definitely in a class of their own. I adore those flat, narrow bows, which are large enough to overlap the sides of the shoes, but delicate enough not to weight down the design. The pink ribbon which forms the slingback and straps, meanwhile, is a lovely touch: I’ve been really into pink lately, and it works really well with the silver glitter uppers on these. They look like shoes right out of a fairytale, in fact, that’s ALWAYS a good thing, as far as I’m concerned.You couldn’t help but feel special in shoes like these (In fact, they’d make great bridal shoes, for that very reason), and the fact that they have a bit of a vintage feel to them is the icing on the pink, glittery cake.

How would you save these shoes?

With something every bit as “special” as they are, of course! I happened to have this Dolce & Gabbana dress saved in my “favourites” list, just waiting for an opportunity to use it, and these shoes have provided me with the perfect excuse. Unfortunately my own upcoming events won’t be nearly fancy enough to justify something like this, but considering the price tags involved, that’s probably a good thing!

what to wear with silver glitter shoes

What to wear with silver glitter shoes

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