Bright green court shoes from Zara

OK, so I know these shoes have pointed toes, and yes, I know how much you all hate that. But they’re bright green. And I DID promise to show you all the green shoes in all the land, didn’t I? So here they are, in all their bright-green-glory. And if that’s all just TOO MUCH for you? They’re also available in black. Click here to buy them for £29.99.


  • Saw the title of this blog entry on twitter and came over all-OMG OMG with excitement but I’m disappointed having seen them. Just not my cup of tea. Wrong green, too pointy and, for reasons best known to my subconscious, the heel is wrong.

  • Oh, they’re my type of shoe, definitely! Unfortunately, I my feet are kind of, well, big (size 40-41, more towards 41 due to weight gain *sad*), so pointed toes are a big no-no… But there are exceptions, ofc, where the shoes are just too awesome anyway 😛

  • I own a lot of pointy shoes and to be honest had no idea there were so many women with a dislike towards them until I found this blog! It is nice to see you starting to include them more often Amber, while peep toes are gorgeous and I seem to be collecting more and more of these, pointed heels definitely have their place. I think they work particularly well as strong shoes in a business environment, they add a bit of pow!

  • What’s wrong with pointy shoes? Only just stumbled across this blog and wondered why pointy shoes are frowned upon here!

    • They’re not frowned upon by the blog: I’m not keen on extremely long, pointed toes, but I don’t mind ones like the pair pictured. The majority of my readers seem to dislike them, though: I think they find them dated, but obviously I can’t speak for everyone 🙂

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