Lattice cuff high court shoes from Dorothy Perkins

When one day, many years from now, I look back on the last couple of years of footwear, I think this shape of shoe is one of the ones that will particularly stick out.

Actually, who am I kidding? Many years from now, I’ll be lucky if I can remember ANYTHING about the past couple of years, never mind what kind of shoes people were wearing. If I did have that good a memory, though, I do think shoes with huge ankle cuffs would be one of the things to remind me of 2009/2010. Not because I particularly like them: just because they’ve been so ubiquitous. In previous years, people would’ve been much too worried about “cankles” to want to wear something that emphasised the ankle to this extent, but now this style of shoe is everywhere, and Dorothy Perkins have tapped into the trend with these lattice cuff courts, which are £35.

I must admit, this is a nice way to jazz up the humble court shoe, and the price is affordable. What do you think of them?

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