Lola Ramona ‘Rinna’ stripe bow ballerinas

stripe shoes with bows black and white stripe shoes with bows

Lola Ramona flat shoes, £83.99

Stripes. Polka dots. Bows. You don’t need to be a long-time reader of this blog to know exactly why these shoes appealed to me, do you?

Actually, if you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned shoe features (but the dots in particular), Lola Ramona is a brand you should probably think about checking out. These aren’t the most “grow up” styles out there, sure, but they’re packed full of fun, bold prints, and although I can’t speak from experience, never having tried the brand personally, something about these shoes suggests they’d be comfortable to wear, and good quality, into the bargain. While many pairs of flat shoes can have a bit of a flimsy look and feel to them, these look sturdier than your average ballerinas, and that fact might make the £84 price tag seem a little more reasonable.

If you’re not into flats, meanwhile, the brand has a similarly-stripey pair of heels available at the moment, too:

black and white stripe shoes

These are both chunkier and strappier than I’d wear personally, but if bold stripes are your thing, well, stripes don’t get much bolder than this.

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  • I’m meh-meh about the flats (not a fan of the half-and-half stripes/whiteness thing), but the heels are gorgeous – I love both the straps and the chunkiness. 🙂

  • I’m in love with the polka dot bows. I really wish I could stealthily lift them off and stick them on a slightly more elegant pair of heels. I’m thinking pointed toe or peep toe!

  • I really liked the flats and then as I scrolled down, I find myself not able to decide between those and the heels. I am a fan of chunky when it comes to heels. I think I would actually get both of them! I just wish shoes were currently in my budget. 😉

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