Nine West ‘Floriscine’ low wedge sandals

Nine West 'Floriscine' low wedge sandals

Nine West ‘Floriscene’ low wedge sandals, £115

My obsession with black shoes continues, although, in this case, it was the shoes which suggested the outfit, rather than the other way around.

I’d spotted this little mint dress at Dorothy Perkins a few days earlier (And “little” is the operative word here: it’s much shorter than it looks in the picture, which means it wouldn’t be something I’d wear myself, although it was certainly fun to style), and the black accents instantly made me think it would look fantastic with black accessories – including shoes.

Finding the RIGHT pair of black shoes, however, was more difficult than you might think. Sure, there are lots of black shoes out there (There always are: this is one colour you know you’ll never have a problem finding!), but most of them were either too formal, too “officey” (Yes, it’s a word), or… were Birkenstocks. You all know how I feel about Birkenstocks, although I’d be surprised if there were many people out there who’d look at this dress and say, “You know what this needs? A pair of clumpy Birkenstocks!” (Of course, I don’t mix in fashion-forward circles, so what would I know?)

I really wanted to find something at least vaguely summery, however, and eventually my search turned up these Nine West wedges, which ticked all the right boxes. They’re not too dressy, not too casual, not too high… and they also have a couple of interesting features, like the triple ankle strap, and the mock-croc embossed strap. Sold! A low wedge is always a handy thing  to have in your collection, even if you don’t have a specific dress to style with it: they’re one of the most comfortable shoe styles out there!

mint and black outfit

Mint and black outfit with low wedge heels

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