Chinese Laundry ‘Southbay’ tan over-the-knee boots

tan over-the-knee boots

Chinese Laundry ‘Southbay’ boots, £111.99

These boots may look familiar to some of you. I came across these almost a year ago in my local branch of TK Maxx, and would probably have left with them, too, if they’d only had them in my size. They’re both stylish AND practical, which isn’t something I get to say very often: in fact, I’d go so far as to say that most pairs of flat boots blend into one another as far as I’m concerned, and although they’re something of a “must have” if you live in a cold climate, they’re rarely interesting enough to make me WANT to buy them, as opposed to simply feeling that I SHOULD buy them, if only so I can remain upright on a frosty morning.

These boots, however, had the power to make me pick them up and admire them, and most of that is down to the tan leather uppers, which are the perfect colour for a winter boot, and lovely and supple, too. I also really like the shape of these: they have an almond shaped toe, and a tall leg shaft. I’ve described them as “over-the-knee” boots, because the ones I tried on were over MY knee, but I guess this will depend on your height as they look simply knee high on the Spartoo model. Either way, they’re definitely tall enough to keep your legs warm and protect them from the elements, and they’re also available in black, for those of you who are slightly less obsessed with tan boots than I am right now.

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