Boden Vintage Heeled Knee Boots

tan knee high boots

black knee boots

Boden knee boots, £179

ShoeperWoman reader MissD asked about tan/brown boots with a slightly chunkier heel than the Banana Republic pair I showed you last week, saying she needed something with a slightly chunkier heel, suitable for walking in. Well, I’m not sure how comfortable they’d be in practice, but I really like these Boden knee boots, which I’ve had my eye on for a while now.

These come in both black and tan, and are the kind of “no nonsense” knee boots that would see you through many winters to come: a good thing, given that they’re something of an investment buy at £179. With a thick, low heel, and a rounded toe, these are built for comfort, and certainly LOOK like the kind of boots that would be easy to walk in, but they’re also very elegant, with a slim leg shaft, and streamlined shape.

Boden have described these as “vintage” for some reason: I’m guessing because this style of boot has a vaguely 70s vibe, especially when paired with a long skirt. They’re such a timeless kind of style, however, that they’ll work with everything, and won’t date, meaning that as long as you look after them, they should end up paying for themselves, with the cost-per-wear being much lower than £179 for sure.

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