Guess ‘Cardio’ glitter heel ankle boots

Guess Cardio ankle boots Guess cardio ankle boots

Guess ‘Cardio’, £148

These boots WOULD have fallen under the “practical winter footwear” category… if it wasn’t for the glitter attached to each heel.

Actually, you know what? Scratch that. Although I think many of us have a tendency to see glitter as a very “dressy” kind of thing (And not without reason), I don’t think its inclusion on these makes them any LESS practical. And maybe you have the kind of easy, laid-back style that allows you to wear boots like these as evening wear, but I sadly lack that talent, so “causal” would really be the only option for me with these. As it happens, though, I think they’d work really well for that purpose. They have that low, sturdy kind of heel which makes for a great winter walking boot, and the glitter dresses them up just enough to make them feel special, but not so much you wouldn’t be able to throw them on with jeans and a sweater and run to the store in them.

I think they’d look particularly nice with tights and some kind of floaty, possibly floral print dress. And maybe a chunky cardigan over the top. A little bit 90s? Well, maybe. But also comfortable, cosy and practical, so it gets my vote.

If these boots get yours, meanwhile, they’re also available in black, and you can find them at Sarenza.

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