Office ‘Pinup’ mint platform slingbacks

Office 'Pinup' mint platform slingbacks

Office ‘Pinup’ mint platform slingbacks, £28

It’s getting towards the end of the season, and it suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t seen many pairs of mint green shoes this summer, so I decided to go and have a look for some. Mint, as you may recall, is one of my favourite colours for summer, and last year it seemed to be absolutely everywhere. This year, however, it’s not been nearly so popular (other than here at Shoeper Towers, obviously, where it’ll ALWAYS be popular…), and these  mint platform slingbacks from Office were one of just a few pairs I found.

The good news about that is that these shoes are now on sale, and are just £28. Yes, you read that right – £28 for a brand new pair of platform slingabacks from a brand that hardly ever sells shoes that cheap. The other good news is that there still seem to be plenty of sizes available – another small miracle!

The bad news, however, is that, well, they’re platform slingbacks, and platform slingbacks aren’t a style that’s been hugely popular in recent years. Sure, it’s true to say that platform soles have been making a comeback lately, but there’s still not a lot of shoes like this around at the moment – which possibly explains the price drop and availability. If you do like this style, however, these are definitely a bit of a bargain: Office have called them “Pinup”, and while they’re not a pin-up style, exactly, they will work really well with the types of skirts and dresses that are typical of the pin-up look. That aesthetic tends to revolve around midi, or at least knee-lebgth, hemlines, and I always think that kind of length looks best with a high heel or platform, to help elongate the leg a little.

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