Miu Miu glitter shoes with pointed toes

Miu Miu glitter shoes with long pointed toes

Miu Miu glitter shoes with pointed toes, 585 EUR

File this one under “shoes I would never wear, but absolutely had to show you, because LOOK AT THEM!” These are all kinds of amazing to look at, aren’t they? The gold glitter. The pink trim. The long, pointed toe… which I suspect would make me look a bit like a penguin (albeit a very glamorous one) if I even tried to wear them. Oh well, they’re not for me (especially not at that price!), but as I said, I couldn’t NOT feature them them here, because it’s not often I find such a stand-out shoe, is it?

I think these have a real 60s vibe to them (makes a change from all of the 70s-inspired stuff we’ve been seeing for ages now!) but I’ve also been reading a few things lately about how low, block-heeled pumps are going to be a trend for this autumn/winter, which would explain why I managed to find these tucked amongst all of the platform sandals and pointed pumps out there. To be perfectly honest, this shape isn’t a favourite of mine: low, square heels like this always look a little bit matronly to me, and while the copious amounts of gold glitter on these ones makes the upper anything but frumpy, I think I’d personally find the shape a difficult one to pull off.

Still, as I say, it at least makes a change from the usual suspects: it’s been a long time since low heels were the height of fashion (do you see what I did there?) and I suspect a lot of people will welcome the news that comfortable shoes are finally in fashion. Maybe if they all look like these ones, I’ll have an easier time getting on board with that one?

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