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I know I’ve talked about this before, but I’m a big fan of navy, and wear it fairly often: it’s basically my answer to black, being that little bit more forgiving to my pale complexion, and it’s just as good a neutral. There’s just one problem, though: shoes. While there’s no shortage of black shoes, in every style imaginable, navy ones are normally a bit harder to come by. I solve the problem by wearing my navy skirts and dresses with either nude, red, gold or animal print (Well, I did tell you it makes a pretty good neutral!), but if you do want to wear navy on navy, here’s a pair of boots you just might love:

Kurt Geiger Rascal Pumps

Kurt Geiger ‘Rascal’ navy high heel ankle boots

If navy shoes are hard to come by, navy boots are like gold dust, so I was pleased to find these blue velvet ankle boots over at Kurt Geiger. Granted, the luxe-look upper might limit their use slightly, but they’re a great colour, and a great shape, so…

Meanwhile, though…

Kurt Geiger 'Evie' bright blue court shoes with bow Kurt Geiger 'Evie' bright blue court shoes with bow

Kurt Geiger ‘Evie’ blue court shoes with bows

I mean, WOW, right? It’s the only word to describe these, really. That bow! That colour! Did I mention the bow?! These are true show-stoppers of shoes, and I could not possibly love them more. Well, actually, I could: the colour, whilst amazing, is one I know from experience I just don’t ever wear, so these would be a bad investment for me, at £230. Unless, of course, I were to just view them as the pieces of art they undoubtedly are, and try  to justify them that way? No? Well, it was worth a shot.

Carvela 'Glassy' glitter pumps

Carvela ‘Glassy’ glitter pumps

Glitter pumps are ten a penny at this time of year, obviously, but not only are these ones blue, rather than the standard black or metallic, they also have that lovely scalloped edge to set them apart. They’re called ‘Glassy’, and they’re £130 at Kurt Geiger.


  • When I decided to let my hair revert to its natural colour, basically ashy white, three years ago I realised black was no longer my friend. I’ve now replaced everything black with a navy counterpart and it is much kinder to my colouring. But, as you said, finding navy footwear was a nightmare, especially boots. Fortunately this year it seems to be a trending colour for winter, so I’m stocking up whilst I can. My biggest challenge still though, is finding decent navy trainers with navy soles. What with my love of city holidays and dog walking I need decent half smart flat footwear so if you spot any give me a shout!

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