Jimmy Choo Light-Up Platform Sandals

“Please don’t let them ACTUALLY light up,” I thought when I read the product name on these shoes. “Please let it just be a NAME, and not an actual description of what they do!” Because, although I know light-up heels are (or were – I don’t really follow these things) popular on children’s shoes, surely that’s where they should stay? Surely on a “grown up” shoe, a light-up heel would just look gimmicky and, dare I say it, tacky: neither of which are words I would usually associate with the Jimmy Choo brand?

People, the heels light up. They’re designed in much the same way as the light-up sneakers mentioned above, so that when your foot hits the ground, the heel will light up. And it’s a yellow heel. With a red sole. And I don’t know… I’ve read a few gushing reviews of these shoes from my fellow bloggers, but I think I’m going to have to be the voice of dissent here and say that this is just way too gimmicky for me to want to spend $2,495 on. I’d make a joke here about them “lighting up your life”, but I’m actually still in shock at having to write the words “Jimmy Choo” and “light-up heels” in the same sentence, so feel free to make up your own jokes there. Oh, and feel free to head over to Saks and buy them, too, if you so desire!


  • We have a word for things like this where I come from, with apologies to Jimmy Choo: Hooker-ific. Light-up heels indeed…

  • I agree with Marianne, they have a hookery feel to them. But I also think that they MIGHT (as in maybe slighty one in a thousand chance, please don’t hit me) be nice for a night out clubbing and pubbing with an all black outfit (black skinnies and a top). Then again it could be my crazy head speaking.
    .-= Ally C´s last blog ..Atlantis Plexi clutch =-.

  • Oh-my-God… I meant, “no” to those heels! As Ally said, maybe clubbing… but even that for me would be… something that is not what I expect from Jimmy Choo. For 30 pounds maybe, for some fun (the one wearing it wants everybody looking at her…), but… not more.
    .-= Denise´s last blog ..Sunday real break =-.

  • Does anyone think this would be really cool on the runway? I mean yeah, tacky-riffic gimmickyasheck and whatnot, but the models would be all bouncy-strutty and they’d go blink blink

    • lol that would be cool! personally i like to look at them and (in a million years) own them but i probably wouldnt wear them šŸ™ but they look so cool!

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