ShoeperStar: Ginnifer Goodwin in Jimmy Choo ‘Lance’ sandals

Ginnifer Goodwin in Jimmy Choo

My favourite outfit from the American Music Awards this weekend had to be Ginnifer Goodwin’s gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress, worn with silver Jimmy Choo ‘Lance’ sandals. I absolutely love the shape of this dress, and the high collar: it gives it a slightly 60s-inspired feel, which always goes down well with me!

As for the shoes, which is what we’re here to talk about, after all: these are the kind of strappy evening sandals that I don’t tend to give a second  glance as I’m scrolling through retail websites looking for footwear to feature here. They’re pretty, of course, but they don’t exactly stand out, and one strappy sandal can start to look like another after a while.

That, however, is precisely why they work so well as eveningwear. With an outfit like this, you really want the kind of shoes that will look cute, but not detract too much attention away from the rest of the look. These do that perfectly, which is probably why they’re such a favourite with celebrities who walk the red carpet.

These come in silver and gold and are £516 at Saks: click here to buy them.


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