River Island dark red stretch over-the-knee boots

red over the knee boots

Red over-the-knee boots, £70

These boots don’t look like much in the photo – and to be perfectly honest, they probably won’t look like much in real life, either, until you put them on.

As the owner of the black version of these, however (I’m assuming that’s what they are, anyway: mine are a few years old now, but  they’re also from River Island, and made from the same stretch fabric, so they’re very similar at least), I can confidently say that they’re sure to look much better when you’re wearing them, and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be wearing them a lot. Boots like these are an absolute Godsend for me at this time of year. Like many (Maybe even most?) people, I really struggle to find boots that fit my calves properly, so the stretch upper on these is a particularly welcome feature. It may not look as good as leather, but it fits a whole lot better, and that simple fact makes them so much easier to wear. Because boots like these essentially mold to the leg, I find I wear them almost like tights – they look fantastic with skirts and dresses, and because there’s no strip of flesh at the top where your hem stops and the boot starts, they create a nice, smooth line under clothes.

Because I like my black stretchy boots so much (I actually saved them this week in my Shoe Challenge), this red version went onto my wish list as soon as I laid eyes on them. I’m always on the lookout for red boots, and while I think a bright red thigh-high would be a little much, this dark red is much more subtle, and should be almost as versatile as black. The only issue remaining, then, is the price: I got my boots for £15 in the River Island sale one year, which makes me reluctant to pay £70 for a new pair, but hey – the January sales aren’t THAT far away, are they?

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