Katie Grand Loves Hogan polka dot canvas slingbacks


polka dot slingbacks

Katie Grand Loves Hogan Polka Dot Slingbacks, £260

Katie Grand loves Hogan, apparently. And honestly, I can’t say I blame her, because if these shoes are anything to go by, I’d have to say I’m pretty fond of Hogan myself. Whoever he is.

Silliness aside, I DO love these shoes. Actually, can I just take a moment to record how happy I am that, as spring approaches, I’m started to see so much of my favourite print start to appear in stores? I’ve featured a couple of pairs of spot-print shoes already this month, and I’m hoping there will be many more to come, but these ones will do me just fine for now. I love the combination of whimsical print and elegant shape in these shoes: as much as I love polka dots, even I have to admit that they’re not always the most sophisticated print out there, but these shoes manage to be grown-up and ladylike, without sacrificing any of their charm. The canvas upper will make them perfect for warm weather: no, it’s not as durable as leather (So you’ll want to leave these at home if it’s raining outside!), but it IS more breathable, so you have less chance of the closed-toes making your feet feel sweaty. Sorry to bring the tone down, there.

spots and stripes pattern-mixing outfit

What to wear with polka dot slingbacks:

top // trousers // hair clip // clutch // lipstick 

Spots and stripes are the only two patterns I like to see mixed, and as I own most of the components of this outfit anyway, it’s definitely one of the ways I’d wear these. I bought the Topshop stripe shell a couple of weeks ago, and am really looking forward to wearing it: (It’s still a little too cold for bare arms at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll get lots of use out of it soon!) it’s a great quality piece, and the kind of thing that I know will form the basis of many outfits. I’d TRY to resit wearing them with the Zara dress I wrote about earlier this week… I’m not making any promises, though.


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