Dune ‘MaryKate’ 70s style platform sandals

Dune MaryKate sandals

Dune ‘MaryKate’ platform sandals, £165

As the sun starts to show its face more often, so do those 70s-inspired styles I’ve been talking about since the start of the year. I’d secretly hoped the 70s revival wouldn’t actually happen (It’s definitely not my favourite style decade, although I do think some elements can work, if done right…), but it’s now well under-way, and I’ve started seeing things like psychedelic flares and matching tops cropping up on sites like ASOS, which is a big change from the past few season’s fashions, to say the least!

One of the few 70s-inspired pieces I DO actually like, however, is these ‘MaryKate’ platform sandals from Dune. Available in yellow, red and tan, these have a platform sole, a thick stiletto heel, and a t-bar strap:

yellow platform sandals

When given a choice of shoe colours, I’ll normally go straight for the red, but I actually really like all of these: the red is bright, and works almost as a neutral for me, as red shoes go with so many of my clothes; the tan, meanwhile, is a true classic, which really does go with almost everything (and looks particularly good against a crisp white during the summer); the yellow, however, is probably my favourite of the year – it’s just so bright and cheerful that it makes me smile to look at it. When a shoe makes you smile (in a good way, I mean, not in a “laughing at it” way!) that’s a pretty good sign, so I like this much more than I’d have suspected from the words “70s-style platforms”!

Although these are high, I also suspect they’d be much more comfortable to wear than a “regular” stiletto of this height: the platform sole will make the heel feel shorter, and the thickness of the heel itself should make them feel fairly stable to walk on: here’s hoping, anyway!

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