Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin Aqua Ronda PVC/Patent

Christian Louboutin aqua ronda

Christian Louboutin Aqua Ronda, £595

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but no one has done more to make PVC an acceptable fabric for footwear than Christian Louboutin. In his hands, the clear plastic is no longer the tackiest alternative to leather you could ever find, but simply a clever way to create the “barely there” look, on shoes that are as delicate as they are stylish.

In the case of these ‘Aqua Rona’ sandals, the clear sections will disappear when on the foot, creating the illusion of a shoe consisting purely of two slim red straps atop a silver leather heel and platform. Were the shoes ACTUALLY just made from two straps, they’d be difficult – if not impossible – to wear, and probably pretty uncomfortable. With the addition of the clear sections, however, you get all of the comfort (Which is obviously a relative term when we’re taking about heels like these: even M. Louboutin himself admits he doesn’t design for “comfort”!) of a pump, but with the appearance of a strappy sandal. What’s more, you get it in a glorious red patent, which will really stand out.

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