Miss Selfridge ‘Sumptuous’ four bow back heels

cream and black shoes with bow on heel high heel shoe with bows red high heels with bows

Miss Selfridge ‘Sumptuous, $85

What’s better than a bow on the back of a heel? Why, FOUR bows on the back of a heel, of course!

The embellished heel has been a big trend this season, although I hesitate to describe it as a “trend”, purely because it’s something that never really goes OUT of fashion. We’ve definitely been seeing it a lot more than we usually do recently, though, and bows are one of the most popular types of heel embellishment out there. Miss Selfridge obviously had to do SOMETHING to make their heel-bow shoes stand out from the rest, and they’ve done it by simply multiplying the bow by four.

In addition to the heels, these shoes also stand out due to the colours of the uppers. They come in either bright red, or a beige/black mix, both of which look pretty good to me.

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