Dolcis polka dot candy striped wedges

polka dot wedges

Dolcis wedges, £35

I thought we may as well get things off to a bright and cheerful start this morning, and it doesn’t really get much brighter, or more cheerful, than these Dolcis wedges, does it?

Stripes and dots are two of my favourite things, and are probably the only two prints I don’t mind mixing. Rather than taking the obvious route, and giving these polka dot sandals a matching black and white heel, however, Dolcis have gone for a bright pink version instead, and they’ve also given that heel an unusual, sponge-like kind of texture, which reminds me of marshmallow. Please tell me it’s not just me who thinks these look a bit, well, edible

I love the top half of these shoes (Well, what’s NOT to like?) but I’m much less keen on the heel: it’s bold and fun, sure, but it’s maybe just a little bit TOO quirky for its own good, I think, and the marshmallowy look could make these trickier to style than would otherwise have been the case.

What do you think of them?

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  • I am not keen on very bright colours with black (thanks Trinny and Susannah for drilling that into my head) and that pink is just too much with the black. I do like the polka dots, however.

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