Casadei Blade for the bride…

white Casadei Blade pumps with gold bow on the heel white Casadei Blade pumps with gold bow on the heel

Casadei ‘Blade’ pumps

Casadei’s famous ‘Blade’ pumps are one of my favourite shoe styles of all time, and while I’m not sure this version was made with brides in mind, I know that if I were getting married again, these are the kind of shoes I’d go for. Actually, scratch that: if I was getting married again, I’d probably find it impossible to resist something glittery. Or sequined. Or maybe something in a bright colour, like red, to contrast with the dress. Or I could just use the wedding as an excuse to buy those Louboutins I’ve always wanted. Or… oh God, I have NO idea what I’d wear, if I was a bride. How on earth do people make these decisions? Anyway!

I mention these as bridal shoes, purely because, as amazing as they are, I think they might be a little hard to style for anything else. With their gold heel and bow detail, however, they’re the kind of thing you could easily call ‘bridal’ – and if you don’t fancy getting married just to justify a new pair of shoes, there’s a couple of other colourways available too, including a nude/red mix which I really love… and which would be a whole lot easier to wear!

If you’re looking for something a little more versatile (but no less stunning) meanwhile, these black suede ‘Blade’ pumps will be far easier to style:

Casadei 'Blade' pumps

Again, these are in the same classic style we’re used to from Casadei, with the the pearl embellishment on the heel the only real difference.  While I reckon the real beauty of ‘Blade’ is in its simplicity (i.e. it would be just as beautiful, if not more so, without the pearls on the heel), I also think it would be hard for Casadei to go wrong with this style, as as long as they want to keep on reinventing it, I’ll be more than happy to admire their creations!

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