Jimmy Choo ‘Tia’ Jeweled Leather Pumps

Jimmy Choo court shoes with crystal embellishment

silver Jimmy Choo heel

pointed toe with crystal embellishment

Jimmy Choo ‘Tia’, £2214

This is the second pair of crystal embellished shoes I’ve shown you today, but while these are significantly more expensive than the first pair, I actually think they look cheaper. Something about sewn-on crystals like this always makes me think of a child’s craft project, and although I would definitely love to meet the child who’d come up with a pair of stiletto heels at craft time (That would be a child after my own heart, for sure…), I’m not sure I’d actually like to wear the shoes that resulted from the project in question.

These, however, are not even remotely cheap or homemade: they’re by Jimmy Choo, and they’re £2214, which puts them into the “only if I won the lottery” price bracket for me. Although I’m not a huge fan of the embellishments, I adore the shape, and I also appreciate the attempt to make these different from the usual crop of black courts. I’ve said it before, but as much as I love court shoes, they do have a tendency to all start to blend into one another after a while, and that’s definitely not something you could say about these.

Do these shoes stand out for the right reasons, though? Well, that’s for you to decide, but if you happen to decide in their favour, you can head over to Saks Fifth Avenue to buy a pair.

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