Rachel Roy ‘Dal’ pink embellished sandals

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Rachel Roy ‘Dal’, $350

I give you fair warning, folks: this is going to be a “blinged up” kind of day here at Shoeperwoman.com. We’re talking brooches, crystals, studs and any other kind of shoe embellishment I happen to come across. Yes, for some reason most of the shoes to trigger my shoeper radar recently have been the ostentatious type, and the first example of that comes in the form of Rachel Roy’s ‘Dal’ sandals, which are $350 at Shopbop.

Now, I don’t normally go for shoes with such a high vamp: I have very short legs for my frame, and I find that high vamps have a “stumpifying” effect which I could REALLY be doing without. These ones, however, just might work. The pale pink upper would be close enough to “nude” on me to hopefully counteract any “stumpy” effect caused by the vamp, and although very ornate shoes aren’t normally my taste, I rather like the little diamanté and crystal brooches on these ones. Yes, they’re totally over the top, but I don’t think they’re unwearable because of it, and the shape is a refreshing change, too, even if it IS straying dangerously close to “peep toe boot” territory.

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  • I dunno… I’m not convinced that high vamp would work for anyone except maybe Heidi Klum, and even then I’m not entirely sure.

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