Zara black kitten heels with bow

black kitten heels with bow zara kitten heels with bow

Zara black kitten heels, £39.99

Kitten heels are one of the least-popular shoe styles out there at the moment, and if you’re someone who loves them, I’d hazard a guess that you probably don’t have the easiest time tracking them down.

I have to admit that I used to share the general dislike for this type of heel, preferring to go very, very high, or very, very low, rather than settling for the somewhat awkward half-way house of the kitten heel. Recently, though, my feelings have changed on that, and when I saw this pair at Zara, they did a complete 180, because I think these are awesome. Would I prefer a higher heel? That goes without saying, but the front of this shoe is so very vintage-looking, and so utterly stylish with its low, V-cut vamp, and its flat bow, that I’m actually considering buying myself a pair. Yes, I know, I was surprised to, but the fact is, these would be a wonderful way to add a retro touch to an outfit, and they’ll be perfect with some of my most frequently worn items, like capri pants and pencil skirts. I’m also starting to think that, for those of us who don’t like flats, these could be a great alternative for days when you don’t want to wear heels, but still want to feel “dressed up”.

(I actually DO like flats – or I like the look of them, anyway – but unfortunately I don’t think they really like me. I have a long torso with short legs, and flats only serve to emphasise that, whereas heels help balance me out a bit. Kitten heels won’t have quite the same effect as stilettos, obviously, but they’ll do more to elongate the leg than a pair of ballet pumps will, and that might just be good enough for me!)

How to save these kitten heeled shoes?

I’ve already mentioned two of the items I’d probably wear with this style of shoe, but if you want to get down to specifics, it would probably go a little something like this:

what o wear with kitten heels: retro-inspired outfit

What to wear with kitten heels:

skirt // top // sunglasses // clutch

With, of course, a giant beehive and cat’s eye flick. No surprises there, then.

I spotted this Closet top at Dorothy Perkins yesterday, and it went straight onto my Wish List. I absolutely love the 60s-style high collar, but I’m not sure how well the asymmetric hem would work on my figure, which is the only reason I didn’t order it instantly. I have a feeling it might be on its way to me soon, though… along with those shoes!



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  • I don’t object to a kitten heel but it must be a gorgeous shoe. Which is why one of my two pairs is Manolo Blahnik in navy suede with a gorgeous flower on the front. It makes me happy even just thinking about them.

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