Sole Society Elisa blue suede bow pumps

sole society elisa

Sole Society ‘Elisa’, $44.96

These shoes really remind me of a pair of designer heels from sometime last year. The designer’s name, however, has totally escaped me. I think it might have been Carven  –  the bow shape has a ‘Carven’ look to it –  but I honestly can’t remember, so, you know, don’t quote me on that. (Unless I’m right, of course, in which case, quote away.)

Regardless of which brand these were or were not inspired by, they’re a great pair of shoes, and as they’re real suede, they’re also really well priced at the moment too. They’re on sale at Sole Society for just $44.96, and they also come in tan and black, as well as this brilliant shade of what the brand describes as “parrot blue”.  More about that in just a second. For now, let me just dwell for a moment on that gorgeous, offset bow. It’s the feature that really sets these shoes apart, and it manages to turn a plain pair of pumps into something much more special, even in the other two colourways, which are far more muted.

Back to that colour. As much as I love to look at this shade of blue, I have a couple of pairs of shoes in a similar (although slightly less bright) colour, and I find them quite difficult to wear, purely because they’re SO bright I feel that all of the emphasis is on my feet (which suddenly seem gigantic). One way to counteract that is to balance things out with a similarly bright colour elsewhere in the outfit, but I’ll be honest: what I normally do is play the colour down with good ol’ jeans:

blue shoes


What to wear with bright blue shoes:

jeans // top // cardigan

This outfit uses a bit of both of those options, and would be a nice smart/casual option. Don’t you just love the difference a great pair of shoes can make to an outfit?


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