Fersengold ‘Shanghai’ polka dot platforms

black and white polka dot shoes

Fersengold ‘Shanghai’, £185

I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned this, but I’m kinda partial to polka dots…

OK, OK, I jest: if you know me AT ALL, you already know I rarely encounter a polka print I don’t like, and you won’t need any explanation for  the presence of these shoes on my blog. I do have a reason for showing you these ones in particular, though: or several reasons, actually. One is the print itself, and the colours used. I like polka dots in any colour, but I’m particularly keen on black/white/red combinations, and the red heels against the black and white upper works really well on these.

Then there’s the pointed toe:

polka dot pointed toe

This isn’t quite as pointed as some of the styles we’ve been seeing recently, but it’s about as pointed as platforms tend to get, and I very much approve. I think this kind of toe shape is essential on a platform shoe: it makes the overall look so much more elegant than a rounded toe would be, and it’s something I wish shoe brands would do more of.

Finally, there’s the fact that these are pumps, rather than peep toes or sandals. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my peep toes and sandals, but as we rarely get weather nice enough to wear them here, I’ve been trying to resist buying too many pairs of them lately. The patent uppers on these shoes will be more water-resistant than suede or matte leather, and they’ll also work with tights, meaning that you get to wear them all year round, rather than just in summer, like many pairs of polka dot shoes. That may or may not help you justify the price tag, but if it does, you can find these at Zalando.

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