Kurt Geiger ‘Bikini Stud’ studded peep toes

Kurt Geiger bikini stud

I know studs aren’t to everyone’s taste – and neither are so-called “nudes”, for that matter. I’m a big fan of both, however, so Kurt Geiger’s ‘Bikini Stud’ peep toes instantly made it onto my wish list, even although the £295 price tag on these means wishing is all I’ll be doing.

As much as I hate the word “edgy”, I have to admit that the gold studs on these do add a bit of edge, although these would still be very wearable with everything from this season’s floral jeans (I know they’d probably look awful on me, but I still secretly want a pair) to a more demure pencil skirt. In fact, or girlie sundress. In other words, they’ll go with everything. And I better stop now, before I talk myself into buying them, like I did with the last two pairs of shoes that made it onto my Wish List. If you don’t want to stop, though, you can click here to buy them from Kurt Geiger. I’ll try not to hate you too much.


  • I find studs overdone and faux-edgy, and I find nude patent boring but necessary for suits and luncheons. But together, I think this is a FANTASTIC combo. Tone down the edge, spice up the blandness. I could see myself wearing these for too many occasions to count.

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