Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Amber’ yellow suede platform sandals

Giuseppe Zanotti 'Amber' pumps

When I first came across these shoes, I thought ‘Amber’ was the name of the style, and I got really excited thinking that, hey, Giuseppe Zanotti had named a shoe after me, so I’d just HAVE to buy it. Well, it would be the very least I could do, wouldn’t it?

Sadly, ‘Amber’ is just the name of the colour, not of the shoe itself, so I have no such excuse. I do still love the shoes, though: I have two pairs in this colour now, and find it surprisingly versatile, as well as being very eye-catching, and the shape is rather stunning too, with its skyscraper heel and crossover vamp.

“Amber” definitely gets the Amber seal of approval, then, and if you’d like to give her YOUR seal of approval too, you can click here to buy her. And I’ll stop speaking about the shoe as if it’s a person now…


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