Iron Fist ‘Gold Star’ black skull print pumps

Black shoes with skull print I know I have some big Iron Fist fans among my readers, so I thought those of you who love the brand, and their gothic-style prints might like these black skull print pumps. And hey, it IS the month of Halloween, after all, and I guess if you don’t want to get dressed up for it, these would be an easy way to give a nod to “scary” style AND get to buy some new shoes into the bargain!

As for me, skull print isn’t generally my thing (I make an exception for Alexander McQueen, but that’s about it), but I do love the way Iron Fist manage to make their skulls almost “pretty” by a clever use of studs. At first glance, it would be fairly easy to think this was just a random pattern, and I quite like the idea of the print only really revealing itself to those who take a closer look!

Quite apart from all of that, these make for an interesting twist on the classic black pumps, which are always a handy addition to the shoe shelves! These shoes are £79 at Spartoo: click here to buy them.


  • I like Iron Fist, but I must confess, I ordered a pair and then sent it back… I thought “where will I have a good opportunity to wear them?” Well, one can say anytime… I liked these ones! They are courts without platforms, I guess much easier to wear them (I’m living on a hill… difficult to wear platforms!)

  • Holy hell, I LOVE these. They’re just abstract enough that I can get away with it at times other than Halloween and goth days. Time to scout ebay.

  • I have these in green with purple skulls as they were my bridesmaid shoes for my cousin’s wedding (yes, really!) She’s not remotely gothic/alternative, from a distance you wouldn’t know they were skulls. Some people thought she had the shoes made to match the (green) dresses!

    They are NOT comfortable though, the sole is quite hard and I think they run about half a size small.

  • They’re kinda cute and you’re right, the pattern isn’t immediately obvious. Which is good; I don’t feel that strongly about skulls.

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