Mellow Yellow polka dot ‘Lavande’ peep toes

polka dot shoes

Oh look, I’m showing you a pair of polka dot peep toes: how unusual!

Sarcasm aside, I feel I have to once again defend myself slightly by explaining again that polka dots are, like, SO HOT right now. Apparently I have to do that in the style of a teenage Valley girl too, for some reason. OK, I’ll stop.

No, really, though: polka dots are even more popular right now than they usually are at this time of year, and given that polka dots are almost ALWAYS popular at this time of year (Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks, “Oooh, Spring! Better get the polka dots out!” Then again, I think that in winter, too. And in Summer and Autumn, actually.), that’s a whole lot of polka dots. I LOVE it.

These ones are by Mellow Yellow, and are attached to a classic, bow-fronted, d’orsay cut peep toe with a wooden heel. They come in bright red and pale blue, and I’m seriously struggling to decide which one I like best: the red has that pin-up girl appeal to it, but then, the blue just screams Easter to me, and is just very fresh and appealing. Oh, I give up.

If you can choose between them – or if you want to just buy both – these are Β£109 at Sarenza. Click here to buy them.


  • Oh. My. God. SO CUTE! And once again I like both colors. I think the fact that the heel is stacked and has a nice curved shape makes them more elegant, less kitschy. The only thing that gives me pause is the d’orsay cut-out on the inside of the foot – I have never found a pair like that, that did not give me blisters πŸ™

  • I wants it! The D’Orsay thing does give me pause, if only because I have such a high arch I’d be accidentally stepping out of the shoee all the farking time.

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