Charkviani ‘Lottie’ metallic pumps with flowers

silver shoes with flowers on toes

Charkviani ‘Lottie’, £655

This is the first time I’ve featured shoe brand Charkviani here at, but if these gorgeous creations are anything to go by, I have a feeling it won’t be the last.

These shoes are a really interesting mix of styles. I tend to think of metallic, pointed-toe pumps as a very contemporary, streamlined kind of style, while shoes with flower embellishments are a little more traditional and “girlie”. It probably wouldn’t have occurred to me to mix the two, adding a couple of pretty little flowers to a silver pump, but I guess that’s why I’m not a shoe designer, because just look at the result!

In addition to the flowers, these shoes also have a very low-cut vamp, with a cut-out section on the toe to reveal a hint of toe cleavage. These would make lovely bride or bridesmaid shoes, and they also have a bit of a vintage feel to them, which I think would look wonderful with an old-fashioned prom dress, or big tulle skirt. I guess finding a reason to actually WEAR something like that would be the main problem here…well, that and the fact that they’re £655, obviously!

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