Giambattista Valli 120mm python and chain sandals

Guambattista Valli green and gold sandals

Anyone else reminded of Gucci’s green and gold python sandals from last year? The resemblance probably isn’t strong enough to count as Shoe Deja Vu, because there are too many differences to list, but there are a good few similarities, too, namely the single gold strap across the toe, the green upper, and the use of python print.

Despite not being my favourite style of shoe (I don’t like my feet enough for the exposure strappy sandals give ’em!), I liked the Guccis, and I like these too: the mint colour is always going to be a winner for me, and I’m also a fan of the thick ankle chain, which has a very “luxe” feel about it. (And which also isn’t my usual style, but I’ve been into gold recently, so let’s just go with it.)

These would be fabulous in summer with white shorts and a scarf-print top – and maybe a cocktail in one hand, too. They’re £919, though, so I guess I can just dream on…

Click here to buy them at Louisa Via Roma.


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