Faith navy and silver pointed court shoes

Faith navy and silver court shoes

Faith navy and silver pointed court shoes, £55.20

I miss Faith. I know the brand is still very much alive – it’s sold at Debenhams, which is where I found these navy and silver beauties. But I sometimes get a bit nostalgic for the days when Faith had its own stores and its own website: it was always one of my go-to shoe brands, and while I’m happy that it survived, I do sometimes wish there was just a little bit more of it to go round.

These shoes are a good example of why we need a little more Faith in the world. They have gave that standard, pointed-pump shape that we’re all very familiar with these days (Some would argue that this shape has become a little bit TOO familiar, but I’d beg to differ…), but the upper makes all the difference. The silver lattice pattern on the navy background is truly stunning, and totally different from anything else I’ve seen in a while. I love the colour combination, too, but if you don’t, these are also available in a nude and gold version, which is also rather lovely.

My one quibble with these would be the little notch at the top of the heel. I don’t dislike it, exactly, it just seems a little bit un-necessary: not that every detail of a shoe has to be “necessary”, mind you!

What to wear with silver and navy shoes?

For this outfit, I’ve gone for a retro-inspired look, suitable for the office (assuming your office isn’t the “stuffy suits only” variety) or other situations in which you need t look smart, but still want to show a little personaility, too. A pencil skirt and fitted blouse is a very typical kind of “office” outfit, but how it looks will depend entirely on the type of pencil skirt and blouse you go for!

retro inspired outfit

retro-inspired office outfit:

skirt // blouse // belt // nail polish 


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