Topshop ‘Vibrant’ satin ballet pumps

Topshop Satin Ballet Flats

Topshop ‘Vibrant’ satin ballet flats, £16

I can only speak for myself here, but these little satin ballet flats don’t really look substantial enough to last very long if I wear to wear them outdoors on a semi-regular basis.

I’m showing you them anyway, though, because while they may not be all that practical, they sure are pretty: and for just £16 per pair, they’re the kind of thing I can imagine wearing around the house as slippers (I don’t own any “proper” slippers, preferring soft-soled ballet flats, which are still comfortable, but which allow me to feel like I’m wearing “real” shoes at the same time), or even taking to change into at the airport/on the plane. I absolutely love the range of colours, and would be hard-pressed to choose between them. The bright yellow was the shade that initially caught my eye, but the pink would make me feel like a ballerina (always a good thing, I find), and the baby blue is one of my favourite colours, so… can I just have them all? Seriously?

What to wear with satin ballet flats?

As I said above, I’d be most  likely to wear these around the house, although if you live in a kinder climate, I’m sure you could easily wear them outdoors – and pair them with almost anything! Because I work from home, I go for comfortable, casual pieces, but I also like to try and look at least a little bit pulled-together: I’m one of those people who doesn’t feel productive until I’m dressed for the day (no working in pyjamas for me!), and wearing something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in if I had to run a quick errand, or answer the door to unexpected visitors. This is one of the reasons I almost always wear ballet flats (which are designated as “house shoes”, so they don’t get worn outside) around the house: I wouldn’t feel like I was dressed for work if I was wearing a pair of fluffy slippers! For that reason, I’ve styled these shoes as part of a typical “working from home outfit”:

work from home outfit

What to wear when you work from home:

trousers // top // cardigan // lipstick 

My work-from-home essentials include ponte trousers (they’re just as comfortable as sweatpants or leggings, but look much smarter), a stretchy top (stripes always work), and a thick cardigan of some description: I’m always cold, so like to have at least one extra layer on hand! I like this cardigan because it looks cosy, without being sloppy. Finally, a slick of red lipstick makes you look like you’ve made an effort, even when you haven’t: my favourite is MAC’s ‘Ruby Woo’ – the perfect, retro-red.


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