Sergio Rossi 105mm Glam Glitter pumps

Sergio Rossi glitter pumps, £630

Sergio Rossi glitter pumps, £630

Can’t decide whether to buy silver shoes or gold ones to wear with that killer party dress? Both colours are great choices for evening , wear: they’re versatile, glamorous, and when you add a touch of glitter, they can be seriously stunning. So why choose between them, when you can wear both colours in the same shoe, as demonstrated by these Sergio Rossi glitter pumps?

Long gone are the days when mixing metallics was considered to be a fashion faux pas. These days, pretty much anything goes, and even if that WASN’T the case, I suspect people will be too busy admiring that amazing toe embellishment to be tut-tutting over the colour mix, somehow.  There’s definitely a lot to admire about these shoes, with the giant, vintage-look brooch being just one of them. The basic shape is classic Sergio Rossi, right down to the contrasting toecap, which is a style the brand does fairly often, and always to great effect. I mean, just look at those curvy sides!

What to wear with silver and gold shoes?

These shoes are designed to party, and party they shall:

party outfit with tulle skirt and glitter shoes

Sergio Rossi glitter pumps with tulle skirt:

 Coast Cordelia tulle skirt    ♥   Coast Cordelia top   ♥  Jimmy Choo sweetie clutch   ♥   pearl necklace

Coast are probably best known for their wedding guest outfits and bridesmaid dresses, but they’ve also been doing a great line in full skirts lately, and this ‘Cordelia’ skirt is one I’ve had my eye on for a long time. A tulle skirt is basically guaranteed to make you feel like a princess, but if you want to be more Carrie Bradshaw than Cinderella, some “grown up” accessories and a simple top will do the trick.


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