DSquared2 ice skate boots

Dsquared2‘s ice skate boots have been doing the blog rounds for a while now, so while I’m sure you’ll already seen them somewhere or other, when the white version appeared on Louisa Via Roma this week, I felt it would be remiss of me not to feature them!

These are clearly not your average winter boots: if you were thinking they might come in handy during an icy winter, however, I’m going to have to disappoint you by saying that it’s not an actual blade on the sole, but a metal platform which is the width of the footbed, allowing you to walk in them on surfaces other than ice:

Dsquared2 ice skate bootsThat doesn’t, of course, mean that these will necessarily be “easy” to walk in: they’re over 6″ tall, and it looks to me like there will still be some degree of balancing involved, although I’d have to try them on to know for sure!

As far as trying them on goes, well, these are £1288, so that’s not going to be happening, even if I DID want to walk around looking like an ice skater who got lost (or someone en route to a costume party). If you ever daydreamed about being an ice skater, though (and I know I did…), and you don’t mind dealing with all of the astonished stares these would be guaranteed to get you every time you wore them, you can click here to buy them.

What do you think?



  • I actually *was* a figure-skater, and I think these are just weird. Even for a costume party, the heel is way too high & awkward-looking, that it seems impractical, especially at that price. 😮

  • Well, I am a skater (and not a bad one, if I may say! Years of training allow me to say so!), some of my posts show it… but I don’t want to wear these heeled skates, oops, boots and for that price? No way. Extremely awkward, in my opinion.

  • I distinctly remember a time in my life that I desperately wanted to be a figure skater. This was right after the short lived desire (and classes) to be a gymast, so my parents never coughed up for lessons. I don’t think I would’ve worn these even back then!

  • Yes, I’ve seen them in some blogs, and at first thought that they are ice skates…When I found out that they are actual boots, I was really dissapointed. Wouldn’t wear them, even if I had 1288pounds to spend on shoes.

  • I don’t get it. It’s uncomfortable enough wearing iceskates when you’re skating. Why would you want to do that all day when you’re just walking around? Or falling around, which is more likely with these things.

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