Givenchy Platform Shoe Boots in Nude and Black

I realise this is the second pair of nude (on me) shoe boots I’ve shown you recently, but please indulge my current obsession with this style: my mind has started to turn to winter, and these are just much too lovely to ignore.

They’re by Givenchy, and they’re also lovely in black: I think these would be perfect with a pair of 40s-style trousers, or something equally tailored: they have a kind of understated glamour about them that’s very appealing, especially when winter rolls around.

The downside, of course, is the price: these are $795 at Barneys.


  • I saw these in the shops the other day and was sorely tempted to try them… until the price waved at me and I nearly fell over. Designer shoes are always WAY more expensive in Australia.

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