RED Valentino polka dot wedge with pink bow

polka dot wedge shoes with pink bows

These shoes fall into the “It would be better if I had’t seen them,” category for me. For to see them is to want them, and the last thing I need right now is to spend £281 on a pair of shoes I wouldn’t even get any use out of until summer.

Even so, though: these are by RED Valentino, which is one of my very favourite brands, and they represent everything that’s good about the brand. There’s a bow, of course – they wouldn’t be Valentino without one, would they? – a great shape, a fabulous combination of colour. And, you know, with many other shoes, a baby-pink bow on top of a polka dot upper would just look hopelessly twee and saccharine-sweet. On these, however, it just works effortlessly, and send them straight to my Wish List.

As you’ve probably guessed, these are from the pre-Spring 2012 collection, so you can’t get your hands on them just yet. You can, however, pre-order a pair at Nordstrom, if you so desire: click here to do it.


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