Valentino green silk peep toes

green silk Valentino peep toes

My favourite colour, one of my favourite brands, and an absolutely beautiful shoe: it’s like Christmas has come early, isn’t it? Or rather, it would be if these were sitting under my Christmas tree (Confession: I don’t actually have a Christmas tree. But I could probably make one out of shoes if I really put my mind to it…) right now, rather than simply featuring on my website.

I think we need to see another photo of them, don’t you?

Oh-so-beautiful. And that green/silver combination is a route right to Shoeperwoman’s heart. The perfect party shoes, these sadly aren’t the perfect price – well, you weren’t really expecting them to be cheap, were you? They’re £739 and you can click here to buy them at Far Fetch.


  • Absolutely amazing! Although I honestly don’t know where I would wear them. I usually think that everything can be dressed down with a pair of jeans, but these are just way too special for that approach.

  • I have drooled over many a shoe on here before today, but this one is my favourite so far!! It’s absolutely gorgeous!!! I also have a weakness for green, and the sparkly silver on the toe just adds to the ‘want’ factor.

    Luckily for my wallet, I have pretty big feet though and won’t fit into the majority of brand shoes….although it doesn’t stop me from looking!

  • Hi! I have literally fell in love whith these and I would love to wear them on my wedding. But they are unavailable! Is there a way of getting them? An outlet online shop, a Valentino special sale.. I don´t know, but I just need them!!
    Thank you so much.

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