ASOS PELICAN Platform Peep Toe Cat Print Block Heels

ASOS Pelcian cat print shoes

ASOS have been really into quirky prints lately. It’s not something that’s gone down particularly well with the Shoeper audience, I must say, but I’m showing you these ‘Pelican’ shoes anyway because, well, it’s not often I get to feature shoes featuring a crazy cat lady, is it?

These shoes actually really confused me at first. I read the name “Pelican”, and naturally expected to see pelicans. Then I read the description “cat print”, and expected to see cats… which I couldn’t, at first, because the cat is actually hiding behind its owner’s head:

cat print shoesIt really made me smile when I zoomed in on it, I have to admit! Would I wear these, though? Nah. Not because of the print, but because I’m not really keen on the shape, which is a little on the clumsy side.

What do you think of them? They’re $90, and you can click here to buy a pair.


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