Rosamosario suede and leopard-print calf hair mules

maroon suede mules

Mules are one of those shoe styles you don’t tend to see very often these days: perhaps because, as pretty as they can be, they’re not always the easiest shoes to wear. These ones really grabbed my attention when they appeared on Net-a-Porter yesterday morning, not just because of the oversized platform and exaggerated shape, but because the back view is even more dramatic than the view from the front:

leopard print sole on shoesDon’t you just love that sole? I’d probably want these for that reason alone, but the buttons on the heel also really appeal to me, partly because they remind me of my wedding dress, which had buttons on the back of the bodice. The overall look is somehow very decadent, and while I’d like these better with a smaller platform and more elegant shape, I think they’re pretty cute as they are, too.

One thing I don’t like? The $1,140 price tag. Click here if you want to buy them.


  • Oh the sole!!! I remember when I was little, my dream was to become rich, and sunbath on my own yacht, drinking cocktails, reading fashion magazines and wearing cute mules. Exactly like these! perfect)))

  • I like the different parts of the shoes (the sole, the colour, the suede, the buttons), but still I’m not crazy about the shoes itself. But if someone were to put all those elements on a prettily shaped stiletto… Then we would be talking!

  • Such a shame they are a mule, that sole on that colour shoe would be amazing on a pump, but a mule is hands-down unwearable outside the confines of one’s lushly carpeted home. Also I think that sole+ the buttons on the heel is overkill. One or the other (preferably the sole) would be much more striking.

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