‘Himalaya’ and ‘Beth’ – candy coloured shoes from Kurt Geiger

candy coloured shoes

I couldn’t decide which of these shoes to show you, so I decided just to show you them all. These are Kurt Geiger’s ‘Beth’ and ‘Himalaya’, they both come in shades of lavender and coral, and they both instantly made me think of summer, which is always a good thing as far as I’m concerned!

I absolutely love the colours of these, particularly the lavender version of the ‘Beth’ pumps, which have the perfect, peep-toe shape. One thing that did surprise me a little was the price: Beth is £225 and Himalaya is £295, and while Kurt Geiger has never been exactly cheap, that seems a little more expensive than usual, with the Himalaya shoes in particular having an almost designer-level price tag.

What do you think of these? Worth the price? If so, you can click here to buy them from Kurt Geiger.


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