Magrit ‘Black Rose’ toecap shoes in pale pink

I must have looked at these Magrit shoes on the Spartoo website a dozen or more times now, and every time until now, I’ve thought I was looking at a peep toe. Today, though, the penny finally dropped, and I realised that what I thought was the black insole peeping out of an open toe, is actually a shiny black toe cap court shoe. And now that I know that, I like these shoes even more than I did before. (I also feel a little bit stupid, but hey!)

With that little confusion cleared up, I’m sure the rest of these shoes speak for themselves. I’d have liked them even without the little gauze bow on the toe, because the pale pink/black upper makes a strong enough statement to stand alone, and I always think this kind of style doesn’t really need much in the way of embellishment. The bow is still a nice touch, though, and is the main reason I’ve stopped and cooed over these every time I’ve seen them – and am now finally showing you them!

What do you think? These are £193 and you can click here to buy them at Spartoo.


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