Rebecca Minkoff ‘Ellie’ green open-toe sandals

green high heel sandals with open toe and ankle strap

Rebecca Minkoff ‘Ellie‘, $295

When it comes to sandals, I much (much) prefer a peep toe to an open toe. (Actually, I prefer a peep toe to almost ANY toe, but that’s beside the point.) Whereas the peep toe allows just a hint (a “peep”, if you will) of painted toenail, the open toe puts all your toes out on display. A bit like a row of sausages, basically. Or is that just me? Have I put you off your dinner yet, with that mental image? Sorry, I’ll stop now.

Open toes… aren’t my favourites, then, let’s put it that way. I do like these ones, though: for one thing, they’re green, and if you haven’t already realised that I’m LOVING the vast quantities of green shoes available right now, well, you know now. More than that, though, these shoes have a particularly nice shape to them. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing you could really point to and say “THIS. This is what makes these shoes awesome,” but they ARE a little bit awesome all the same, and that’s coming from someone who generally avoids the “here are all my toes” look if it all possible.

(I did buy some open-toed shoes earlier this year. I’m slowly coming around to them…)

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