Zara white asymmetric peep toes

Zara white asymmetric peep toes

Zara asymmetric white shoes

Zara white asymmetric peep toes, £29.99

So, white shoes are officially “trendy” right now. I, for once, have greeted this news with caution. When I was growing up, white shoes (of any description, really) were considered very tacky, and while they’ve definitely moved on and started to lose those associations, they’re not the easiest footwear to wear, either. For one thing, they’re high maintenance: those uppers will be the perfect blank canvas for every little mark that attaches itself to them, and unless you look after them well, they could very quickly start to look scruffy. They can also be tricky to wear in that they’re so very bright that they will draw the eye right to them: I find that bright, light colours tend to make my feet look larger than they really are, but that might just be me.

However! Despite these drawbacks, if they’re done right, white shoes can be amazing, and if you want to give them a go, the current monochrome trend provides a really easy way to make white shoes look super-modern, and very far removed from the “Essex girl” associations some of us still have with them. (Actually, the white, pointy-toed stilettos which were synonymous with that look are really fashionable right now, and I’ve been surprised by how much I like them: they look fantastic with something like boyfriend jeans and a blazer, say.)

Not that these shoes need any help with that, mind you. The shape is already very contemporary, with the asymmetric front (a style Zara is very good at) and angular shape. Despite my reservations about my ability to keep them in pristine condition, I think they’re absolutely gorgeous, and would look amazing with a plain black dress, giving it much more impact than another colour would.

Not bad for £29.99!

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