Next colourblock toecap court shoes

Next toecap court shoes

Next’s latest Spring/Summer collection has just arrived, and, once again, I find myself really impressed with the footwear on offer. I’ve earmarked a few interesting pairs to show you, but I’m starting off with these little pumps, which manage to combine two of the current big footwear trends: toecaps and – groan – colourblocking.

(I’m not groaning because I don’t LIKE colourblocking, by the way: just because we’ve seen so! very! much! of it over the past couple of years.)

These come in a mix of blue, orange and turquoise, which you can just see on the heel there. They have a pointed toe and no platform – a shape I’ve been liking more and more, and which I think we’ll be seeing more of this year. I’m also liking the toecap, which always adds a very “dapper” touch to a show, don’t you think?

One of the best things about Next, of course, is that their shoes are never very expensive. These ones are £35, and you can click here to buy them.


  • I wish they’d keep it to just 2 colors when they aren’t all in the same family, but I love the shape and I love the color-blocked capped toe.

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