Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin ‘Allenissima’ black patent slingbacks

Christian Louboutin Allenissima 130 mm slingbacks black patent slingback shoes by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin black patent slingbacks


THE SHOES: Christian Louboutin ‘Allenissima’ 130mm, $995

Christian Louboutin has done it again, guys! These shoes are more-or-less a slingback version of the ‘Hot Chick’ pumps I featured a couple of weeks ago. Same black patent upper, same vertiginous 130mm heel… They don’t have the scalloped sides of ‘Hot Chick’, true, but the silhouette is unmistakable – and pretty unbelievable,too. (In the best possible sense, obviously!)

Along with that super-high stiletto, these also have an open toe, and the kind of curved sides which never fail to set my heart racing. The side of the shoe is beautifully curved, and cut in such a way as to minimise the size of the upper, making for a very high-impact shape. This is yet another black pump: I know I said I was trying to wean myself off those, but it looks like Christian Louboutin has other ideas, and, well, as long as he keeps making shoes that look this good, I’ll definitely keep writing about them.

If you ARE bored with black, however, there’s also a purple-based floral print available, which is brighter, and more summery than the classic black patent.

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