Five pairs of affordable high heel shoe boots to wear right now

high heel shoe boots

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High heel shoe boots: (You can call them “shoots” or “booties” if you want to, but I’ll be sticking with good ol’ ‘shoe boots’!) they’re currently one of my very favourite things. I’ve written a little bit on this subject already, but for those of you just joining us, here’s the lowdown on my favourite footwear of the season!

What are shoe boots?

Shoe boots are exactly what the name suggests: a cross between shoes… and boots! While some footwear hybrids can go horribly wrong, however, shoe boots get it very, very right. They have all (or most) of the warmth of ankle boots, but all of the looks of shoes. Because they fit snugly to the foot, hitting just below the ankle bone, they’re perfect with both trousers/jeans and skirts/dresses, and you never have to worry about the gaping ankles you can sometimes get with other types of boots, either.

In the case of this particular style of footwear, they can also be a good choice for people who want to wear a higher heel, but worry about walking in stilettos: because there’s no danger of them slipping off the foot, as court shoes can, they can be much more comfortable, and easier to walk in, too.

What to wear with high heel shoe boots?

As I mentioned above, shoe boots are almost as easy to style as court shoes are: and with none of the calf-width issues most of us run into with knee boots, they’re much easier than other boots, too. In very simple terms, it’s possible to wear high heel shoe boots with most of the same outfits you can wear court shoes with. This season, I’ve been enjoying wearing mine with trousers or skinny jeans, but when the weather gets cooler, I’ll be styling them with tights and skirts, with the boots making it possible for me to take some of my favourite looks from summer through to autumn: just add tights!


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