Carvela Kurt Geiger ‘Livia’ hot pink pumps

Carvela Kurt Geiger 'Livia' hot pink pumps Carvela Kurt Geiger 'Livia' hot pink pumps

Carvela Kurt Geiger ‘Livia’ hot pink pumps, £120

Trust me to immediately follow a post in which I talk at length about being tired of writing about pointed pumps… with a post about a pair of pointed pumps. I am nothing if not fickle!

Actually, that’s not quite fair: as I said in yesterday’s post, classic court shoes may not be the most interesting shoes to write about, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them – quite the contrary, in fact! I think pumps are probably second only to high heeled peep toes in my list of favourite shoe types (I don’t actually have a list of favourite shoe types, by the way, although maybe I should…), and no matter how many pairs I look at every day, there’s always at least one pair that will jump out and practically beg me to feature them here.

Today, that shoe is Carvela’s ‘Livia’. Now, I’ve featured Kurt Geiger quite a few times recently, but I make no apologies for that, because the brand is really on fire this season, and quite a few of my favourite styles of the past few weeks have come from the Kurt Geiger ‘stable’. These shoes appeal to me for what I’m sure are very obvious reasons: the classic shape, the bright pink colour, the statement brooch on the toe. All of those features add up to a truly shoeper shoe, and one that will look just as good with jeans as it will with something a little fancier, which also scores them Brownie points in my book.

Hot pink is one of those colours I generally prefer to admire from afar, rather than wear myself. It’s beautiful, but very bold, and if I try to wear it on a dress or top, it will clash horribly with my hair. I have no such issues with shoes, however – just one of the many reasons I love them, I guess!


  • Well! The closed toe pumps like the Livia are among my most favored high heels category and the hot pink color revs them up a few more notches. In looking on their shopping page, I saw they also came in black suede. I can see where both colors would be a treat to wear with jeans.

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