Casadei Inesse black and white bow peep toes

Casadei black and white peep toes

Casadei Inesse court shoes, £284.90

Black and white has been one of the themes of the summer for me: there’s just something so classic about this particular colour combination, which always has a lot of impact, despite its simplicity.

These shoes are by Casadei, and are actually from last season, which is why they’re currently on sale. I think they do a particularly good job of combining black and white: a stark white shoe can be a little difficult to wear, but the black trim and satin bow helps soften up the look here, and I like the way the black layer on the platform makes the sole look just a little bit lower than it actually is.

The height of the platform is definitely needed on this shoe, however: the heel is just a touch under 6″, which wouldn’t be even remotely walkable  without the 2″ platform. Even with it, I can’t promise these will be the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever own, but then again, I don’t think “comfort” is really the point here, somehow…

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